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"How you live is how you lead." - Lakeshia Ekeigwe

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Explore the LeaderThinking Approach to the Modern Leader Journey

The Modern Leader Journey is a series of interactive, human centered coaching programs for Executives, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs. The LeaderThinking signature systems elevate the way leaders experience their role and care for their people.


Corporate leaders must embrace leadership as a mutually beneficial partnership with those they lead. We work with leaders to help ignite human connection so they inspire the kind of change movements that transform and elevate corporate culture, enabling everyone to contribute the very best of what they have to offer.


Is your firm full of lawyers who are brilliant in the courtroom, yet struggle to lead and inspire their teams in the conference room?  We work with law firm leaders around the globe to help them create clarity and compelling messaging around the firm’s vision and mission to in turn foster deeper connection with employees which will drive increased profitability and higher revenue.


Many entrepreneurs are big picture thinkers and effortless visionaries but fall short as effective leaders.  Effective leadership, however, is vital to long-term, sustainable entrepreneurial success. How you lead will impact your sales which will impact your business.  We work with entrepreneurs to help them develop as powerful leaders.


I highly recommend Lakeshia Ekeigwe as a Consultant, Coach and Trainer in Conflict Resolution and Leadership Development.

As a Commissioner for the State of California and the City of Los Angeles, I have benefited in numerous ways from participating in training facilitated by Ms. Ekeigwe.

Lakeshia’s professionalism, training style and curriculum content will positively transform any organization retaining her services.

Betty R. Wilson, Commissioner, California Commission on Disability Access; Commissioner, City of Los Angeles Commission on Disability
Lakeshia facilitated her training entitled “Introduction to Workplace Mediation” to the Dispute Resolution Program for the Office of the City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles which was attended by mediators, attorneys, county officials and several judicial officers. Lakeshia’s training was excellent! I highly recommend Lakeshia for training in Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution and Mediation.
Renata Valree, Chair, National Association for Community Mediation
Lakeshia’s training for the University of Texas, Fearless Leadership Institute (FLI) was extremely valued by attendees. The theories and concepts presented were applicable and resonated with the group. Her heart-felt and genuine demeanor was well received. Lakeshia not only motivated and inspired, she listened perceptively, keying into the strengths of participants so as to mirror back their own superlative qualities. Several FLI attendees reviewed Lakeshia’s coaching as “life changing,” receiving tools they could action immediately for personal growth and self-development.
Candice S. Young
Texas Exes
Associate Director of Constituent Relations
With her introduction to our organization, Lakeshia took us from a group of individuals with departments to lead, to a high-performing leadership team committed to a common purpose. Her warm but firm presence commands attention and invites conversation. The impact of her coaching style and technique has elevated my team to be a respected and recognized group of leaders who care about each other as much as we care about the organization’s mission. Lakeshia’s leadership gave us the courage to look at ourselves for who we are and helped my team form the vision to make powerful and lasting changes.
Chana Y. Robinson, Director Employee Recognition &
Program Manager, Mental Health First Aid
Health Plan Workforce Development
Kaiser Permanente
Lakeshia Ekeigwe’s program provided actionable, high-value content for our members. She was a pleasure to work with! Our members really enjoyed her presentations and we look forward to working with her on future projects.
Katherine Bundyra, Associate General Counsel and Member Services Manager at International Society of Primerus Law Firms
Lakeshia is one of the most strategic, results-driven women I know. As a coach, her ability to speak clearly and with no bias during tough conversations is an amazing skill. Lakeshia makes clients feel heard, and softly yet firmly, leads them into a solution they’re looking for by guiding them with the right coaching suggestions. Her expertise in coming into an organization to handle any conflict resolution not only helps to eliminate the challenges among the team and/or team members, but helps build a stronger, more united front moving forward.
If you’re looking for a level-headed, smart, yet kind and friendly expert to work with you and your team, I highly recommend her!
Kerianne Mellott
Director, Social Media
I am often impressed by Lakeshia’s razor sharp insight and skill for identifying key issues for a specialized international company like mine. Her Coaching technique and professional guidance have been instrumental to the development and implementation of some strategic business growth decisions I have made over the last few months. What I love about Lakeshia’s professional style is that she is able to guide you to look at your business and yourself from an entirely new perspective to create a bigger vision to step into. I have achieved massive growth personally and professionally, since our first consult. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with such an intelligent, insightful and incredibly talented individual.
Kim Ellis, Lawyer/Scientist, STEM/Technology & Space; Senior Lecturer in Space Research, Governance & Law at Swinburne University of Technology
Working with Lakeshia has been an incredible journey. Her unique brand of coaching and consulting has elevated me as a leader and business owner. Lakeshia helped me craft a vision for my life and business that was bigger than I imagined and then coached me to make that vision my reality. As a result of my work with her, I have expanded my law practice to two locations, all while doing more of the specialized tax resolution work I love. Her steadfast encouragement to make self-care a priority, especially as I reach towards larger business goals, has not only been refreshing, it has opened the door to other parts of my life that needed attention. I no longer work 18 hour days but instead enjoy real work-life balance while building a thriving business. I highly recommend Lakeshia Ekeigwe.
Melissa McCallop, Esq., MBA
McCallop Law PLLC
Lakeshia Ekeigwe coached me to deeper introspection as a leader which opened my eyes to many things that were having a negative impact on my professional life.  Our Intensive Coaching sessions helped me see the important connection between having a proper work-life balance and a profitable law practice.  By ridding myself of various identified causes of stress, I have been able to focus my energies on my work and operate in my zone of genius.  I am so excited about the future prospects of my firm using the action plan that we devised together!
Mweshi Banda-Mutuna
Managing Partner
Mweshi Banda & Associates Legal Practitioners

Meet Founder Lakeshia Ekeigwe

Business is Human and Leadership is Personal

I have had the pleasure of working with many impactful and influential leaders. They all had one thing in common.  They all knew on a very deep level that leadership was not their title.  It was who they were as a person in service to their team and to their organization. 

We are at a time in human history when leadership is more important than ever.  Leadership is a solemn charge and is a daily decision.  It the decision to be in partnership with those who look to you to be inspirational and aspirational; who follow your guidance and direction, who want to know you have their back and work in service to their being allowed to contribute their highest and best work in service to the organization’s mission. 

Modern leadership requires different qualities and characteristics than leadership in past generations because we know business is human and leadership is personal.

I am passionate about providing coaching and consulting services to leaders from a whole-person perspective so they learn how to create build teams and business that thrive and create lives they love. 

My work helps leaders increase confidence; build deeply connected personal and professional relationships; and teaches them how to resolve internal and external conflict in a positive and non-contentious manner.

I am MHS Certified in Emotional Intelligence EQi-2.0 and EQ 360; an International Coach Federation Certified CoachU CEG Graduate; Certified in Mediation by SCMA - Southern California Mediation Association and The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office Dispute Resolution Program; Certified in Leadership Development by The Asian Pacific American Legal Center.

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