A couple of weeks ago, there were many events celebrating the contributions of women around the world. Lovely sentiments were shared as articles, posts, and memes encouraging women to uplift and support other women.

Below are some practical ways you can support the women in your network.

1. Make time to sincerely listen when you ask “how are you?” Observe her facial expression and body language. If she needs to talk, be present and available. Many people are lonely and overwhelmed. There is an “epidemic of loneliness” in the US and the UK has a ‘Minister of Loneliness.’*

2. Avoid gossip, which requires sharing it or listening to it. When your personal policy is to shut down attempts to disparage other women, you uphold a high standard of integrity for others. This is a powerful way to support other women.

3. Advocate for other women. When you hear of an opportunity to advance other women who have the talent, skills, and ability, speak up on their behalf. Access is still a major barrier for women and if you are in a position to increase access, do so.

4. Believe it or not, when you make self-care and personal development a priority, you become a positive role model and exponentially impact the lives of other women. Self-care makes the care and leadership of others possible and supports women in your network doing the same.

5. Take a moment to write a personal note or email to a woman you admire. Let her know specifically how she has impacted your life personally or professionally. You will both be happy you did.

How do you support women in your network?  Let me know in the comments below.

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