Lately, several highly successful women have shared with me that their stress level is causing them to feel angry all the time.

As leaders, they manage to hold their anger from rising to the surface. However, when they get home, instead of being the loving, nurturing mother they want to be, they are annoyed, impatient and unkind.

They find themselves screaming and being insulting to the very persons they love the most.

What they shared as most devastating was watching their daughters (all eldest children) treating their siblings with the same level of annoyance, impatience, and anger. Their own behaviors had become emotionally contagious, especially to their daughters, who were now, emulating their mothers.

I could relate to what they shared because when I was a little girl, I held a deep-rooted fear of dogs. Why? Because many years before I was born, my mother had been viciously attacked and bitten by a dog. That experience was so traumatic for her that she developed a crippling fear of dogs which became emotionally contagious to me.

It took me years to feel comfortable around dogs and to this day a loud dog bark can send shivers down my spine and raise that fear right back up to the surface.

But what about being emotionally contagious in a positive way?

What if all of the women who were spreading anger and fear were instead sharing love, confidence, and empowerment. What if they could exchange overwhelm, challenges, and frustrations for insights, tools, and coaching that would help them replace what is being depleted by stress and burnout.

I am helping women do just that. My Mastermind for 20 women in 2020 will be a powerful support for professional women who want to shift and elevate their mindsets, behaviors, and beliefs so that 2020 can be their best year yet. Interested? Click the link below to schedule a free conversation on my calendar.