Can you believe we are near the end of November! Where has the year gone? With the intensity of work projects slowing, this is a wonderful time of year to reflect, refresh and revive.


Since this is usually the beginning of the slowing down period of the year, why not take some time for deep reflection on what went well for you this year and what challenges you would like to avoid experiencing in the future. What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of? What will you commit to being 100% intentional about protecting – your time; your energy; your mental well-being?

I have been reflecting about how I will create a very intentional moving forward strategy for 2019. It is crucial because I know there is a fine line between a enjoying a healthy, thriving business and experiencing the stress and strain of burnout.


You may have time off from work and/or taking vacation time over the next several weeks. Instead of doing everything you don’t have the opportunity to do while you are working, be intentional about creating time and space to rest and refresh your body and mind. We can become so accustomed to running on empty that we forget how to slow down and just be. Make time to simply be the human ‘being’ you are, doing things you enjoy, with people you love.


I have heard from several clients that they are feeling completely DONE. They are tired and feel disconnected from the things they are most passionate about. Doing big work and being fully present for yourself and your loved ones requires huge expenditures of physical, mental and emotional energy.  

My advice to you is this, don’t worry about feeling disconnected right now. Get some rest and refresh your mind and body. Then, when the time is right, reflect on how can you can increase time spent doing what you do masterfully and effortlessly and commit to minimizing anything that takes you out of masterful and effortless flow.

Once you do, revitalizing your passion for the work you do will happen naturally and next year will be off to a great start because you took the time for self-care now.

Take care,


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