I had an interesting conversation with a client last week. For context, she is in her mid-40s and an executive in the retail sector. She is intelligent and funny but struggles with believing she is seen as valuable within the organization.

As a coach, I believe part of my work is to help my clients connect to their Zone of Genius. Well, at a certain point in our conversation, she explained that every time I use the expression “Zone of Genius,” she struggles to accept it because she simply doesn’t believe every person has one. She said, “Lakeshia, not everyone is a genius.

My client is wrong.

She has a Zone of Genius. You have a Zone of Genius.

Your Zone of Genius isn’t merely a skill you learned or a talent you possess. It is the unique combination of everything you are – your life journey, background, education and experiences have contributed to the person you are right now. The result is there are things you do effortlessly that ONLY you do in the exact way you do them. Effortlessness is where your Zone of Genius lies.

Because it is effortless, you may not recognize it when you are in your Zone of Genius. You probably find it challenging to explain how you know what you know or do what you do.

Your Zone of Genius could be the way you approach problem-solving, close deals, depose witnesses, inspire enthusiasm for a project that overwhelms others, arrange flowers, decorate a room, or cook a meal.

It could also show up in the way you make people feel or how you remain calm and steady during stressful periods of change management. Whatever it is for you, those effortless qualities, skills and talents are a part of your Zone of Genius.

Your Zone of Genius is often mirrored back to you when others express how impressed they are by the ease with which you do what you do. Instead of dismissing the compliments for something that feels like “nothing special” to you, listen carefully. They are giving you clues about your Zone of Genius.

Are you an HGTV or Food Network fan? If so, you know women like Joanna Gaines, Page Turner and Alex Guarnaschelli are fully embodying their Zone of Genius.

Understanding and claiming your Zone of Genius will change your life. Standing in the power of your Zone of Genius will increase your confidence and success. Why? Because what you do effortlessly allows you to be in flow instead of struggle. It frees up time and energy, allowing you to be more productive and have greater impact. (There is also a huge money component to being in your Zone of Genius which I will discuss in my next article.)

What about you? Do you know your Zone of Genius? Let me know in the comments below.

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