Have you ever wondered what sets successful people apart from those who never realize their dreams? Is it intelligence, talent or good habits?  Maybe. 

What I know for sure is this. Success always follows belief. Always. 

With that in mind, have you accomplished any of the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? Have any of your dreams come true yet?

  • Did you land an amazing professional opportunity or perhaps realize the dream of hanging opening your own firm? 
  • Did you attract love or strengthen the love already present in your life?
  • Did you purchase the home of your dreams or pay off student loan debt?

 If your answer to any of these questions is yes, congratulations!

However, if your answer is ‘no . . . not yet,’ try this: 


How often have you had an amazing daydream or idea pop up into your mind only for you to dismiss it, almost as fast as it showed up? 

You tell yourself: “I can’t be, do or have (this or that) . . .” 

So many women choose to lead lives that do not challenge or inspire them simply because they refuse to dare to allow the dream or idea to fully show up.

Have you ever done that? 

I encourage you to let your dreams and ideas develop before you shut them down.

Don’t even consider the reasons why something will not work before you spend time with the thought of it, allowing it to live inside your mind for a while.

Big dreams will scare you! If they don’t, they likely are not big enough.


To do so, you must BELIEVE. What you believe is at the core of everything you do. 

Henry Ford said: “If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.” 

Belief is what turns your dream into your reality. 

Everything you will accomplish this year has everything to do with what you believe you will accomplish this year. 

Your belief will become your reality. 

For example, you are unhappy with your current work situation. You want to start working for yourself but are afraid to take the leap. The financial costs and overhead are overwhelming, causing you fear and anxiety.

You may have told yourself – I can’t do it . . . I am not ready . . . What if I can’t make it on my own? Everyone will think I am a failure.

BUT, you have always dreamed of working for yourself. You have developed a stellar professional reputation and an influential professional network. You have a list of clients that would gladly follow you and gladly refer you to their network.

Or, how about this.

You are single and want to get married but deep down inside you believe no one will ever marry you. 

Your inner critic says you are too fat, too old or too intimidating. You believe your inner critic. Your belief will determine how you carry yourself. The way you carry yourself becomes the non-verbal manifestation of your inner dialog. That self-manifestation will frame others’ experience of you. Then, unfortunately, your belief becomes your reality and . . . no one will commit to you on that level. 

Unless you allow the dream to show up and consider all of the reasons why your dream of starting your own firm or getting married is possible, you will never see those dreams come true.


If you want to have a different life, take action now. Yes, now! 

Take some small daily action now. Even if that action is simply to allow your dreams, ideas, hopes and wishes to spend time hanging out in your head. That alone is action. 

Then, think about what and whom you will need to enlist to support you in having that dream or idea become a reality. 

Have you heard about the Women Lawyers Global NetworkCheck it out here. It may just be the place you reconnect with your big dreams and gain the coaching and peer support you need to advance to your next level.

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