Are you earning what you’re worth? No. Try this:

1. REMOVE EMOTION FROM YOUR RATES – Fees are facts not feelings. If you do not charge enough for your services, you cannot pay for the infrastructure that allows you to be a business, practice law or serve the people you became a lawyer to help.

2. KNOW YOUR FINANCIAL WORTH IS HEART-CENTERED – Charging low rates does not make you a heart-centered lawyer. Being a heart-centered lawyer does. Undercharging can cause potential clients to question the quality and value of your service. Higher fees filter out those who are not your ideal client. If your service is worth $500 and a potential client only wants to pay $300, they are not ideal. They will ALWAYS request time for free, likely challenge and/or ignore your advice, not pay the $300 on time and be a problem client from start to finish.

3. STOP TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR SHYSTERS – Don’t over-compensate by under-charging, or worse, giving away your valuable time for free. Find clients who understand the value of the service you provide and happily pay you for it.

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