A common obstacle to further advancement for women leaders is their failure to build an influential network. If that is true for you, you probably do not have access to connections who have the right advice at the right time to achieve the right results.

Many of my clients are at the top of their profession – Fortune 100 Executives; Judges; Partners of International Law Firms; and Entrepreneurs running thriving businesses. Though intelligent and successful, several had not established a powerful and influential network to leverage when they needed it most, like during a merger, layoff or other life event. Investing your time and energy in building a strong network is one of the most important things you can do for your long-term career success. Doing so can open doors, provide visibility, and foster relationships with industry influencers.

* Are you consistently and purposefully building a strong and influential network?

* Are you part of a community of professional women you trust to learn from and grow with?

If not, ask me about the LeaderThinking Mastermind Success Circles.